Effets de la politique européenne face aux migrants

Le Pakistan dans la norme européenne/Pakistan in the European standard

En français and in English

| publié le 4 octobre 2006 |

La Cimade de Calais-Coquelles a noté que le Pakistan venait de changer de politique à l’égard des expulsables. L’époque où son personnel consulaire en France n’accordait pas ou très peu de laissez-passer est terminée. Comme il est souvent très difficile de faire la distinction entre Pakistanais et Afghans, il vient même d’accorder des laissez-passer pour des Afghans qui s’étaient déclarés pakistanais.

Ce changement de politique coïncide avec la participation du Pakistan à diverses réunions avec des représentants de l’Union européenne.

Au Pakistan même, les arrestations de migrants d’Asie et d’Asie centrale en route vers l’Europe se multiplient. Et Islamabad a récemment modifié, dans un sens restrictif, sa politique des visas à l’égard des Bangladeshi.

Bref, une nouvelle frontière externalisée de l’Europe est en train de se mettre en place au Pakistan, avec des conséquences pour les Pakistanais et les étrangers en situation irrégulière qui sont arrivés en Europe après avoir transité par son territoire.

The french association Cimade in Calais-Coquelles noted that Pakistan had just changed policy with regard to the expulsables. The time when its consular personnel in France did not grant or very little pass is finished. As it is often very difficult to make the distinction between Pakistanais and Afghans, it even has just granted passes for Afghans who had declared themselves Pakistani.

This change of policy coincides with the participation of Pakistan in various meetings with representatives of European Union.

In Pakistan even, the arrests of migrants from Asia and Central Asia on the way towards Europe multiply. And Islamabad recently modified, in a restrictive direction, its policy of the visas with regard to Bangladeshi.

In short, a new externalized border of Europe is setting up at Pakistan, with consequences for the Pakistani and the foreigners in irregular situation who arrived to Europe after having forwarded by its territory.

Ci dessous, notre sélection d’articles sur les conséquences de la coopération Europe/Pakistan sur la circulation des migrants

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"Daily Times" (Pakistan), 13 septembre 2006

61 Pakistani and Indian migrants held in Ukraine

LVIV : Sixty-five clandestine migrants, including 54 Indians and seven Pakistanis, have been arrested near Ukraine’s border with Slovakia in the last 24 hours, Ukrainian border authorities said on Tuesday.

The nationality of the other four migrants was not specified.

Since Slovakia, Poland and Hungary, which all border Ukraine, joined the European Union in May 2004, the large former Soviet republic has become a major transit route for illegal migrants trying to reach the West. In fact, official statistics reveal that 6,834 such migrants were arrested last year up from 6,000 in 2004.

Similarly, four truckloads of people were arrested today at the Baragwanath taxi rank in Diepkloof, Soweto, for illegally being in South Africa, police said. Police sent the documents to the home affairs department for verification and several taxis were impounded during the raid on the large rank for operating without permits.

www.dailytimes.com.pk/default.asp ?page=2006\09\13\story_13-9-2006_pg7_5

"Daily Times" (Pakistan), 9 septembre 2006

High commission to provide details of Bangladeshi travelers

by Maqbool Ahmed

KARACHI : The Pakistan High Commission in Dhaka, Bangladesh, has agreed to provide the immigration authorities here with the particulars of Bangladeshi nationals who have been issued visas for Pakistan from any of its deputy high commissioners in Bangladesh.

Sources in the immigration wing of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) told Daily Times that after the deportation of a large number of Bangladeshi nationals by the Pakistani immigration authorities in the recent months, the Pakistani High Commission in Dhaka had requested the Pakistan government find some way to save those traveling on genuine documents from embarrassment.

Sources said that the immigration authorities had suggested the Pakistani High Commission provide the Pakistani authorities the particulars of the Bangladeshi nationals as soon as they were issued visas.

Sources said that a lot of Bangladeshi nationals had in the past been traveling with fake documents, which were difficult to differentiate from the genuine ones.

Some of these Bangladeshi nationals then managed to acquire fake Pakistani passports and other travel documents and traveled via land routes to Iran and then other European and Middle East destinations.

They said that the Pakistani High Commission in Dhaka had now agreed to provide full particulars of those Bangladeshis who were issued visas, including their passport numbers and the type and period of their visa.

They said that from now on only those Bangladeshi nationals would be granted immigration clearance whose particulars would be provided to the immigration authorities by the high commission via a fax.

www.dailytimes.com.pk/default.asp ?page=2006\09\09\story_9-9-2006_pg7_17

"Daily Times", 6 septembre 2006

International meet on illegal immigration : Govt committed to curbing human trafficking

ISLAMABAD : The Pakistan government is committed to curbing human trafficking and illegal immigration, said Interior Minister Aftab Ahmad Khan Sherpao on Tuesday.

The minister was addressing a press conference after attending a meeting of the working group of Quadrilateral Committee on Illegal Migration and Human Trafficking attended by officials of Greece, Turkey, Iran and Pakistan. He said the government had taken a number of initiatives, including new legislation and implementation of existing policies, to deal with issues such as terrorism and human smuggling. He said that creation of an inter-agency task force and establishment of anti-human trafficking units in the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) had been successful in reducing human trafficking. He said that the Interior Ministry launched a ‘National Action Plan’ last year to reduce illegal immigration.

“Through these measures, we have been able to reduce human smuggling from the country to Europe by over 50 percent and by 15 percent to the Middle East,” he said. He said that the security agencies were taking measures to bring the problem fully under control. He said that cooperation and information sharing between Pakistan and various other countries had significantly improved since last year. “We all share the concern and have the responsibility to eliminate illegal migration and human smuggling,” he said. Responding to a question, he said that the issue of immigration would be discussed at a high-level meeting of the United Nations General Assembly on Septembers 14 and 15. “The issue of illegal migration is linked to the need for streamlining the mechanism of legal immigration from developing to developed countries,” he said. “We must address the problem by adopting a rights-based approach,” he said, adding that regional and bilateral frameworks of cooperation could be used in combating human smuggling.

Reffering to the meeting, he said that the objectives of the meeting were to reinforce and improve existing policies, establish an effective system of sharing information among the participating countries and to promote regular consultations to evolve strategies and plan of action to combat organised crime. “Greece, Turkey, Iran and Pakistan have taken a step forward in this regard. We would like Afghanistan to join this regional forum,” he said.

FIA Director General Tariq Pervez said that Pakistan had made significant progress in developing bilateral cooperation with Iran, Turkey and Greece in the fight against human smuggling and illegal immigration. He said the meeting would help find ways and means to enhance mutual cooperation among the countries.

Interior Secretary Syed Kamal Shah and representatives from Greece, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Oman, the United Kingdom and France were also present on the occasion.

www.dailytimes.com.pk/default.asp ?page=2006\09\06\story_6-9-2006_pg7_21

"Daily Times" (Pakistan), 8 août 2006

Pakistan detains 14 Chinese headed to Europe on fake passports

KARACHI : Pakistani police on Monday arrested 14 Chinese who arrived in Karachi on fake South Korean passports on their way to Europe and two Koreans suspected of human trafficking, officials said.

“We have arrested 14 Chinese, eight of them women, and two Koreans,” a senior official of the Federal Investigation Agency, Mohammad Malik, told AFP. “This is the first time we have caught such a gang and they must be part of international gangs involved in human trafficking.” Ten Chinese were rounded up from a guest house in the city’s eastern neighbourhood of Gulshan-e-Jamal while six others, including a Korean man and a woman, were taken into custody after being off loaded from a Turkish airlines’ flight bound for Istanbul.

“They had plans to proceed to Istanbul before finally reaching Milan in Italy,” Malik said. “The Koreans had accompanied the Chinese nationals to help them enter Europe and the United States illegally.”

The group had entered Karachi on August 4 on transit visa en route to Europe and the US. The detainees would be tried, Malik said.

www.dailytimes.com.pk/default.asp ?page=2006\08\08\story_8-8-2006_pg7_12

"Daily Times" (Pakistan), 10 septembre 2006

FIA arrests five human traffickers

LAHORE : The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has arrested five human traffickers from various cities of Punjab, Geo news quoted FIA officials as saying on Saturday. According to the channel, the five men were on the Interior Ministry’s most wanted human traffickers list. The channel reported that these men had smuggled around 10,000 people to various countries. The arrested men were identified as Arshad Wariach, Raja Zulfiqar, Imran Jogi, Asad and Faiz Rasheed. The channel reported that Arshad Wariach, a resident of Gujranwala, had smuggled 6,000 people to Greece, while Raja Zulfiqar, also a resident of Gujranwala, had smuggled 3,000 people to Iran, Greece and other European countries. The FIA officials said that investigations could lead to more arrests.

www.dailytimes.com.pk/default.asp ?page=2006\09\10\story_10-9-2006_pg7_15

"Daily Times" (Pakistan), 15 juillet 2006

46 foreigners arrested trying to enter Iran

QUETTA (Pakistan) : The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and the Levies Force on Friday rounded up 46 foreigners, including 40 Bangladesh and 6 Sri Lankan nationals, from Noshki District and recovered satellite phones and fake passports from them.

“The FIA, in collaboration with other security forces conducted a raid in a building at Qili Jamaldini. All the 46 people arrested were on their way to cross into Iran illegally,” said an official.

In this connection, two residents of Mustung district, Abdul Hameed and Ahmed Ali, have also been arrested. Police sources said they had recovered satellite phones and Sri Lankan passports from the two arrested men.

“Cases have been registered against the foreigners under the Foreigners’ Act,” an FIA source told Daily Times, adding that the arrested foreigners were involved in human trafficking. They said they believed that these people ran a gang of human traffickers. The arrested men have been shifted to Quetta for further investigation.

www.dailytimes.com.pk/default.asp ?page=2006\07\15\story_15-7-2006_pg7_16


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