Letter of support for the manifestation against Gradisca CPT, Italy

par les Effacés | publié le 26 February 2005 |

The erased inhabitants of Slovenia salute all migrants, asylum seekers, refuggees, sans-papiers and all those, that fight with us!

Today, on the 26th of February 2005, we have the 13th anniversary of the unconstitutional erasure of 18305 people from the Register of permanent residence of Slovenia.

We, the erased, have been fihgting for 13 years on the individual level, untill we realised, that only common struggle can help in the fight for justice, in the fight for the relationship between people and not a relationship between citizens and non-citizens.

The erasure in 1992 caused massive abuses of human rights and numerable individual and familly tragedies. State biroucrats have erased us from our famillies, houses, health and social insurances. They have destroyed our documents, they have deported us, they humiliated us, they tortured us... For years the state apparatus has transported us and enclosed us in detention centers and this is why we very well know the horror of these new lagers. For that reason we support your, that is, our struggle.

Because the state proved to be incapable of solving the question of the erased, some of us began a symbolic hunger strike in the lobby of the European Commission in Ljubljana, because we hope, that our problem will start to resolve itself on a broader, european level, beyond the imposed state borders.

We are convinced, that the level of the achieved rights, that will be the result of the battle of the erased and that of our aims today, here in Gradisca, will influence the establishment of a community, where there will be place for all. At the same time our contemporary actions will effect the legacy for our future generations.

25. februar 2005, Ljubljana

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